Kit Contents
                                                                                             Subject to change with out notice

Shipment #1:
Group 1. Airframe, airframe brackets and landing gear with skids.
Group 2. Cabin, windscreens, floor pan, seat back, instrument pod, empennage tail feathers.
Group 3. Cyclic, collective, throttle and Directional controls, push/pull tubes and cables, fuel system.

Shipment #2:
Group 4. Main transmission, main shaft and support system, main drive pulley and overrun clutch.
Group 5. Tail rotor, tail rotor gear box, and tail rotor drive shaft system.

Shipment #3:
Group 6. Swash plate assy, main rotor hub with blade grips, pitch and drag links.
Group 7. Main rotor blades and retention system
Group 8. Instrument panel, instruments, sensors, circuit breakers, wiring system components.
Group 9. Turbine engine, associated Turbine systems, May be Shipped in various groups depending on production run.

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